Website Development Questioner

We like to share the questionnaire below with our potential clients before we initiate a web design project. The intent is to begin to get GreyfoxIM and our clients synchronized in our efforts to make sure that our clients business goals are transferable to the website design process. “Strategic Website Design is the fusion of your organizational goals with every aspect of your website design process.”

1) Do you have your existing site for redesign or you need new website?

Our expertise is in building sites using the WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS). Therefor GreyfoxIM only offer redesign and updates on websites already built on the WordPress CMS Platform. We can however transfer any website to a Genesis based CMS WordPress Platform. We treat this as a new project, even when is redesign.

Why CMS: Migrating or recreating your site under a content management system gives tremendous boost to your online presence. Website development has advanced beyond the traditional “brochure-ware” design and evolved into dynamic content, fresh material and live communities. Websites need to be able to be updated daily, with different people adding content as it becomes available, along with some content that is updated automatically through the use of RSS feeds.

Content Management Systems are now the major component of the advanced web developer’s toolbox. We have chosen the WordPress CMS as it is the most popular and Client Friendly CMS in use today. With many thousands of WordPress sites alive today and growing, the software is supported by a large developer network. Read more on Why Genesis and Why WordPress Here:

2) We need to understand your business – the Purpose, Mission, and Goals? 

We will make note of all information, because this will be very important for planning Home page, Site map Page planning and layout. We need to understand your business in depth before we begin work on your site. Descriptions of products/services client sell etc. We look forward to discussing this with you.

3) Who are your competitors?

It is essential to know who your competitors are, and what they are offering. What do you offer that your competition do not? How do you feel about your competitor’s websites? What do you like, what don’t you like? What websites in general do you like, and do you not like? Let’s discuss!

4) Do you have special features in mind?

Do you need an e-Commerce shopping cart, Blog, RSS, Forms with emails, Newsletter signup, auto responders, advertising positions, a Forum, etc. Think about media content such as video, sound, graphic displays. Again, let’s discuss!

5) What is your approximate budget for this project?

Once we understand your needs and your budget requirements we can make a written offer for development of your website project that meets you business goals and fits your budget. Note that the price is negotiable and can be reduced or changed based on updated requirements. We typically find that part way through development we come upon a “wow, wouldn’t it be great to add XYZ” or “gee – maybe we don’t need ZXY”.

6) Do you have an administrator or staff person (or yourself) who you would like to manage future dynamic updates to the website.

One of the major benefits of the WordPress CMS is that your staff can be trained, if you wish, to manage and make your own future dynamic updates to your site. We can provide training and documented user guidance for your staff, or we can provide this service for you. We can discuss how Websites built on the WordPress CMS platform can free the client from the past “most costly part of website development”; needing to go back to the developer every time a small update is needed. I tend to think of this as a “disruptive technology” to the web design business model.

7) What is your deadline for finishing the site?

So much depends of how many features and pages a web site will have, and how much support client can give in providing good content to the project. We are trained in effective website content writing skills and techniques and we typically work with client in making sure the content fits the needs of the audience.

Some more thoughts on “Is your content ready for your web site”. Typically we find that the most common issue in meeting deadlines is delay in receiving initial content for the site. GreyfoxIM can provide content production for a free if needed. We can evaluate your content and discuss!

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